10 Times On The Red Carpet Halle Berry Looked Decades Younger Than Her 52 Years

Can we please just take a minute to acknowledge the fact that the beautiful Halle Berry is celebrating her 52nd birthday? Yes. As in over 5 decades. As in she could easily be your mother. As in she looks way better than 20-year-old you—and whatever-age-we-are us, for that matter.

If you were to look at pictures of Halle Berry from 20 you’d be shock to see that she not only continues to look stunning, but in fact, has only become more beautiful with time! Does this woman even age?!

No wonder why every time she steps into the red carpet she finds a stylish way to flash her perfectly toned legs and arms—a trade that proves Halle is still maintaining her youthful look to this day.

In honor of her birthday, here are 10 times Halle Berry has walked down the red carpet looking decades younger than her 52 years. Seems like JLo isn’t the only one who has found Hollywood’s fountain of eternal youth.


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