10 Times Evan Rachel Wood Has Suited Up For The Red Carpet

While we certainly loved that week when Blake Lively decided to put on a full-on fashion show appearing in 7 different suits, to be fair, the power of a sleek, perfectly tailored suit was discovered much, much earlier by Evan Rachel Wood.

The Westworld star has been borrowing from the boys for the last 4-years straight—except for that one time she embraced her more feminine side while being pregnant—and she’s been doing it with such style and creativity that, honestly, no night gown can compete with Evan’s epic suit game every time she walks down the red carpet.

In honor of her 31st birthday, let’s take a look back at 10 times Evan Rachel Wood has literally suited up for Hollywood’s most exclusive events. Just in case you were getting tired of that blue, button-up skirt Dolores Abernathy wears in every single episode.


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