10 Times Gaten Matarazzo Turned The Red Carpet Upside Down

Gaten Matarazzo conquered Broadway with his angelical voice, the small screen with his acting chops, and the crowds with his charming personality. And now, the young starlet is also dominating the red carpet with his unique fashion wit.

Along with his equally fashionable cast-mates, this Stranger Things kid not only became a pop culture sensation overnight, but also quite the millennial fashion icon we never knew we needed. They say clothes make the man, but they also make the kid!

In celebration of his 16th birthday, here’s a look back at 10 times Gaten Matarazzo turned the red carpet upside down with his bold floral prints, quirky colorful suits, and his iconic curly mane.

Just when we thought nothing could beat Dustin’s purple brontosaurus hoodie and red white and blue trucker cap combo…


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