Ezra Miller’s Androgynous Style In 10 Pictures

He’s a talented actor and a loving celebrity to his fans. But Ezra Miller’s androgynous style is probably what we love the most about him.

Since identifying himself as queer in 2012, and despite people calling his coming out “a mistake,” Ezra Miller has made it his life mission to be completely and unapologetically himself. And to the Justice League star, that means not only taking queer roles on the big screen, but also experimenting with his style.

Ezra’s gender fluidity makes him a style inspiration for both for both men and women. And after he gracefully paired a draper suit with Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty lip gloss into his fashion mix, Miller automatically gained the #1 spot of our fashion icons lists.

In celebration of his 26th birthday, here’s a look at Ezra Miller’s androgynous style in 10 pictures.


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