Michael Kors Bought Versace And Twitter Can’t Handle It

In an unexpected twist of events, Donatella Versace sold her iconic high-end luxury fashion company to American designer Michael Kors. That’s right— Michael Kors bought Versace in a deal worth more than $2 billion.

While the news was certainly unexpected to say the least, one would think the prospect of having the first American fashion conglomerate—on par with France’s LVMH and Kering—would be exciting. However, after the announcement that the Italian fashion house was acquired by Kors, the reaction online was unusually unfavorable.

It seems like everyone and their momma have a true disdain for the former Project Runway judge—and they are making it very clear. Michael Kors bought Versace, but he sure hasn’t earned the brand’s acolytes’ approval just yet.

From haters invoking the name of Gianni to condemn the sale to people camping outside TJ Maxx to get Versace at retail price, here are the best reactions to the news that Michael Kors bought Versace.


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