10 Pictures Of Tracee Ellis Ross’s Style That Prove She’s The Fashion Icon We’ve Been Waiting For

Trace Ellis Ross’ style is as unique as they come.

Tracee Ellis Ross is many things. Actress, comedian, director, and model. Oh, and the daughter of OG glamour icon Diana Ross. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that her style have been awed at emulated ever since her days on Girlfriends.

Trace Ellis Ross’ style is consistently killer thanks to the combination of a talented celebrity stylist (Karla Welch) and a client who clearly loves to express her creativity through her wardrobe. And that’s how Ross has become one of those unique celebrities who can pull off the boldest shapes and most vibrant colors without being outshined by her clothes.

In honor of her 46th birthday, here ate 10 pictures of Tracee Ellis Ross’ style that prove the Black-ish star is the fashion icon we’ve been waiting for. God bless the Ross fashion senses!


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