10 Pictures That Prove Jeff Goldblum’s Style Is The Fashion Inspiration We Never New We Needed

We get it if you think Jared Leto, Harry Styles, or even one of the Stranger Things kids are some of today’s biggest fashion icons for the everyday male. But if you’re yet to follow Jeff Goldblum on Instagram, my friend, you’re really missing out on some major style inspiration.

Sure—must men his age pair their slat and pepper hair with a fancy tuxedo or a nice tweed jacket to complete their overall sexy grown up look. However, Jeff’s innate Goldblumian charm allows him to be the man of our dreams even when he’s wearing a Hawaiian button up, endless pairs of quirky pair glasses, or basically any piece of clothing that wouldn’t get past any stylist.

Because Jeff Goldblum’s style is not about looking good—is about not giving a damn. And that’s exactly how he’s become the ultimate fashion role model: because he cares so little about how he looks that it’s cool.

In honor of his 66th birthday, here are 10 pictures of that prove Jeff Goldblum’s style is the fashion inspiration we never knew we needed it. Long live Jeff’s eccentric refreshing looks!


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