Bella Hadid’s Street Style: The Model’s 10 Best Off-Duty Outfits

The perfect way to describe Bella Hadid’s street style?  Girl-next-door meets Paris Fashion Week.

Needless to say, Bella is one of the most on-demand model of the moment. And though it’s always wonderful to see her slaying the most exclusive catwalks in the fashion world, we must admit nothing gets us more fired up than Bella Hadid’s street style.

Don’t get us wrong! Those avant-garde designs we see her wearing on the runway are absolutely breathtaking. But it is Bella’s ability to look sexy in an ordinary cardigan, or make a pair of mom jeans look cool, what truly gets us, girls next door, going.

With tiny sunglasses, colorful purses, and endless berets, Hadid’s way of accessorizing takes even the simplest outfit to a level that truly makes it worthy of her enviable fashion credentials.

In honor of her 22nd birthday, here’s a look back at Bella Hadid’s street style in 10 pictures. Click through to track the model’s hot off-duty outfits. Of course, is not that hard to look this good when you’re that beautiful.


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