Caleb McLaughlin’s Style Is A True Inspiration For Men’s Contemporary Fashion

Caleb McLaughlin’s style deserves its own Netflix show.

He’s been nominated for a BET Award, an MTV golden popcorn statue, and is the winner of a SAG and NAACP Image award. But if we could just whip up another prize to hand out to the Caleb McLaughlin it would be for his incredible fashion sense.

The actor may only be 16, but age has had no impact on his trendsetting style. In fact, despite not being the biggest star of Stranger Things, he’s always the best dressed out of that freakishly stylish bunch of kids (sorry, Noah!).

With statement jackets, bold trousers and endless loafers, Caleb McLaughlin’s style is just as snazzy as it is youthful and fun. A true inspiration for men’s contemporary fashion!

In honor of the actor’s birthday, here’s a look at some of the best fashion moments of Lucas Sinclair when he leaves Hawkins’ spooky streets and heads to Hollywood’s most exclusive events. Caleb McLaughlin’s style will surely put you upside-down!


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