Dakota Johnson’s Best Looks Prove She Can Wear More Than Just 50 Shades Of Grey

Mr. Grey will see Dakota Johnson’s best looks now.

Anastasia Steel’s fashion underwent its own rough (pun-intended) transformation to match that of her ever-draper husband, Christian Grey. However, much like her personality at the beginning of the franchise, Ana’s style once was just… boring. Basic tops, with basic jeans, and basic booties.

But just like Anastasia Grey’s better and renewed wardrobe, Dakota Johnson’s best looks prove this woman too can put together a great outfit (besides providing endless bang inspiration). Especially when it comes to the red carpet, where she isn’t afraid to experiment with colors and textures.

With vibrant reds, bright yellows, and dusty pinks, Dakota Johnson has proven she can wear more than just 50 shades of gray.

In honor of her 29th birthday, let’s take a look at Dakota Johnson’s best looks at Hollywood’s most exclusive events. This is how you bring color into the red room carpet!


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