15 Pictures To Decode The Magic Behind Ryan Gosling’s Style

Ryan Gosling’s style grabs the ladies’ attention just as much as his beautiful, beautiful face.

There are plenty of reasons why Ryan Gosling is the OG internet’s boyfriend. His heartwarming performance as Noah in The Notebook, his contagious laughter, his irresistible good looks, or perhaps the fact that he can’t be ours because he’s been with Eva Mendes for what feels like a lifetime…

But Ryan Gosling’s style is also one of the reasons why the 38-year-old actor has become the mand of our dreams. Handsome, charming, and draper? Ryan Gosling really is the First Man to have it all!

Sure—he’s mostly known for his good looks (I mean, just look at him!), but Ryan also has a huge fan base in the fashion stakes too. Risk taking, yet casual and cool, Ryan Gosling’s style remains effortlessly on pair.

In honor of his special day, here we dissect 15 major looks to show you how you can channel Ryan Gosling’s style. Click through our photo gallery above to learn everything about Ryan’s smart yet rugged look.


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