Neon Dreams! See 10 Of Cardi B’s Colorful Hair Transformations

Cardi B’s colorful hair transformations prove she’s a rainbow chameleon—and we like it like that.

Cardi B debuted yet another radical hair hue. Just two days after stepping out in a periwinkle bob, the rapper posted a picture on Thursday of her new bright pink hairdo, taking the magenta plunge one step further by matching her mane to a set of brilliantly flushed lids.

The overnight hair change is nothing new for the rapper, however. Cardi B is often spotted wearing a variety of colorful wigs, proving that she really can pull off any look.

If you need some hair color inspiration yourself, look no further! Okkkur? Click through our photo gallery above to see 10 of Cardi B’s colorful hair transformations. From red to blue to (bodak) yellow, we’ve rounded up the rapper’s best hair looks.


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