Shapes of Wedding Dresses: Their Types and Tips for Choosing

There are different styles of wedding dresses that can emphasize both the advantages and drawbacks of the figure. (Photo: Release)
There are different styles of wedding dresses that can emphasize both the advantages and drawbacks of the figure. (Photo: Release)

Not all girls are used to wearing dresses. They are more the evening option for an important event for some, so a lot of women do not always have a clear idea of ​​what style matches their body type and is the most comfortable for them. Some even think that it is impossible to pick up the appropriate outfit for their special occasion and give up wearing dresses at all. However, there are so many styles of wedding dresses that can solve your problems and make you visually slimmer or taller and more confident for sure. Today we are going to talk about how to choose a proper shape of a wedding dress according to the body shape and the style you or your partner likes the most.  

If you are in doubt that you can make the right choice yourself, you can turn to the wedding salons for help: shop assistants have a well-trained eye for detecting the advantages of your figure, and they will not only take all your preferences into consideration but also make you feel absolutely gorgeous on your special day. Or you can fondle through the pages of a wedding catalogue, looking for a model with similar parameters to yours and decide what shapes are the most suitable for you.

Nevertheless, if you look out for a wedding dress in the salon, do not be afraid to try the dress you would never consider before. Maybe the most unexpected and ridiculous dress will be the one you fall in love with the most!

Shape options

There are different styles of wedding dresses that can emphasize both the advantages and drawbacks of the figure. To make the process of choosing easier and limit it to certain styles, you need to determine which body type you can refer to as yours. It’s easy to do, as there are four basic types. Of course, there many more of them, and they do not determine what should you wear; it is up to you and what you feel most comfortable in:

  • Hourglass. Girls with this type of body are very lucky because they can afford to wear absolutely any wedding dress. This silhouette is characterized by the same shoulder and hips width and a thin waist. In this case, a perfect fit would be straight cut dresses, and if you want to hide the excessive fullness of the hips, then you can choose an outfit with the skirt that widens from the waist.
  • Apple. In this case, all strategically important areas of the body are equal in width and flow smoothly into each other, so the outside figure is similar to an apple. So if the bride wants to hide it, she needs to give up the straight cut outfit and give preference to a lush dress with a corset that will draw attention to a new waist.
  • Pear. This type is characterized by narrow shoulders and wide hips, while the waist is narrow. Girls with such a figure can choose a dress in a straight сut or in the Empire style which will have a pronounced line of the waist, moderately lush skirt, and free sleeves, narrowed to the wrist.
  • Inverted Triangle. Typical representatives of such figure have broad shoulders and narrow hips, and the waist may be narrow. In this case, you can choose styles with a deep cut out and a large number of small decorations; the skirt may be lush or fading.

By the way, all girls are beautiful, regardless of their body shape. Take single Russian girls for example. Don’t believe? Go and check!

  • Princess style

Dreaming about the styles of wedding dresses, many girls see this style of wedding dress in their imagination in the first place. It is characterized by a fitting top in the form of a corset that sharply extends from the waist to a lush skirt. It can be a single or multilayered dress, most often made of light materials, such as fatein or organza.

Such styles are suitable for virtually all girls, but if you are of small height and do not want to exaggerate it, it is better for you to keep away from such silhouettes.  

  • The A-silhouette style

This option is considered universal; it is suitable for any type of body shape, as it gently adjusts the flaws and emphasizes the benefits, so it is the best choice even for a pregnant bride. This style is characterized by a narrow (but not too narrow) top which can end with wide or narrow straps or sleeves of different lengths. The skirt, in this case, extends smoothly from the waist, and it is not as lush as the previous style.

  • Mermaid

This wedding dress is also called Fish, and it is suitable for high and slim girls with expressive body lines. Such a dress is tight to the knee, after which a sharp expansion begins. In this case, all the curves of the figure become clearly visible, and properly selected accessories allow you to focus on one or another part of the look.

When choosing such a dress, it is necessary to take care of the appropriate underwear, as it can be seen under the thin layer of cloth which looks not very aesthetic.

  • Straight silhouette

This style is similar to the previous one to a certain extent; the difference lies in the fact that the top part begins to expand gradually downwards, and the skirt does not turn out to be too broad from lower than the hips. Looking light and ceremonious, this dress, despite the external simplicity of the styling, is feminine and unusual. When choosing the material for straight cut dresses, light, wavy fabrics should be preferred which will ensure comfortable movement of the bride.

The wedding dress of this silhouette will fit a slender bridegroom, regardless of their height; the desired look will be achieved after selecting the appropriate shoes. This style can often end with a light loop that allows a girl to feel like a real noble lady.

  • Empire style

If you compare all the styles of wedding dresses, Empire or Greek can probably turn out to be the oldest since it was originated in Ancient Greece. This style is characterized by a free cut with high waistline and a splendor skirt gently expanding downwards.

Empire style dresses can be with or without sleeves or straps; asymmetric models with one shoulder strap are popular. Such a wedding dress is suitable for girls with small breasts, as well as pear-shaped bridesmaids or pregnant women. The Empire style wedding dress is often made up of flowing fabrics and usually does not require lush decorations. There can be quite a few light accents in the form of earrings, bracelets, or necklaces if the top part doesn’t have sleeves, and it is better to choose a single layer veil as well.

  • Tutu style

Wedding dress of this style reminds of the ballet dancer costume: a corset, embroidered with beads and a lush skirt. A cushioned corset emphasizes the bride’s waist, so it is suitable for hourglass or triangle shaped body types. A wedding dress of this style can be complemented by various decorations: bow ties, embroidery, ribbons, jewelry, and much more. This style of a wedding dress is perfect for a high harmonious bridegroom. It looks very festive, elegant, and extraordinary. It will be perfect to build the main theme of your wedding around dancing or continue your ideas if you are a professional dancer in real life.

For women who have been fortunate enough to marry once, and they are going to do it again, elegant trousers suits can be the perfect solution. In recent years, this kind of trousers combinations with a top or straps which can be complemented with a jacket and shoes on a thin heel are a real hit.

Colors and hues

Colors that are in trend this season are traditional beige, pink, pearl-blue, creamy herbal shades, and ivory. The unconditional favorite is the heavenly blue which is suitable for all girls. An extravagant bride can pick up dresses with violet or blue-ish shade that will be in harmony with the usual strict bridegroom costume. The ice coffee dress will add a bit of aristocratic feel to your wedding. It is up for you to decide how much you are ready to experiment.


Shoes are a big element of the bride’s outfit. It is very important to choose comfortable ones and a spare pair for a change because it is not easy to spend all day on high heels. Some women choose flat platform shapes. You can agree that it’s unusual to see the bride in such a look, but in recent years, this type of footwear has become more popular. It allows the bride to relax, combines perfectly with a short skirt, and is completely unnoticeable under the long one. After all, the massive platform cannot be paired with airy, light dresses and deprives the image of tenderness and elegance.


Bridal veil is another traditional accessory. Short haired brides can combine it with hair bundles. In order to draw attention, the bride that has long hair can play with different embroidery and rhinestones, and such a veil can reach several meters. Some girls prefer an elegant bonnet that can be decorated with feathers or flowers. Another option of a veil decoration is a tiara which can serve as a separate accessory.

Another important element is the handbag, but it should be small. The usual white clutch is the most popular option, but you should remember that it suits a straight lined dress more. The envelope bag is most suitable for girls who have chosen a short wedding dress. And pompadour handbag, embroidered with different crystals or beads, will look better with the princesses-styled dress.


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