10 Of Emily Blunt’s Best Red Carpet Looks

The devil wears Prada, but so does Mrs. Krasinsky. Emily Blunt’s best red carpet looks prove that she does have style and sense of fashion—despite what Miranda Presley may think.

We recently saw her wearing a tilted hat, mild-calf-length belted coat with rain flap on the shoulders, a bow tie, and, of course, her signature umbrella. But don’t forget Emily Blunt worked with the one and only Miranda Priestly 13 years ago. So, although she didn’t get to go to Paris and was definitely outperformed by Andrea, the actress sure learned a thing or two about fashion during her time in Runway Magazine.

While he grew up loving Emily Blunt after she fashionably burst onto the screen in The Devil Wears Prada, her own stunning red carpet style has kept us intrigued ever since. In the span of a 18-year career, the actress has proven time and time again that she can master anything from bold florals to edgy metallic designs, while adding her own signature touch.

In honor of her 36th birthday, here’s a look back at some of Emily Blunt’s best red carpet looks. There’s only one appropriate word to describe Blunt’s style: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.


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