15 Best Rachel Green Outfits on ‘Friends’ We’d Still Wear Today

Whether you were born in 1980, 1900, o 2000, chances are Jennifer Aniston has a lot to do with your sense of style. Even if you don’t realize it. And that’s because her character on Friends is the undisputed fashion queen of TV. And this collection of the best Rachel Green outfits are prove of it.

From her iconic haircut, to her signature miniskirt, to her love for denim, there wasn’t a look that Rachel Green couldn’t pull off. Flash forward 25 years after the first episode of Friends and we are still looking to Rachel Green for style advice. If only we could go to Bloomingdales and hire her as our personal shopper…

In honor of our favorite Central Perk waitress, here are 15 of the best Rachel Green outfits we’d still wear today!  Her fashion skills will always be there for you!


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