The 10 Best Looks Of Camila Cabello On The Red Carpet

After landing a spot on the much-coveted girl group 5th Harmony, Camila Cabello decide to go solo and pursue a music career on her own, proving she is a woman who isn’t afraid to take risks. And her Latina fierceness reflects not only in the bold career moves but also in the most daring fashion looks of Camila Cabello on the red carpet.

Her career and her style have been a whirlwind to say the list. However, throughout the process, Camila Cabello became one of the leading singers of her generation and a true fashion icon. She can play the romantic princess look to a T, and absolutely knock it out of the park as a rock and roll queen.

In honor of her 22nd birthday, let’s take a look at the very best of Camila Cabello on the red carpet. These 10 looks will have you singing Havana, ooh na-na!


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