Trendy Chains Worn By Well-known Celebrities

Fashion accessories that are gaining popularity in celebrity circles tend to create a huge public buzz. (Photo: Release)
Fashion accessories that are gaining popularity in celebrity circles tend to create a huge public buzz. (Photo: Release)

Musicians, movie stars and athletes know the public scrutiny that often comes with being a celebrity- and therefore tend to dress the part. As such, fashion accessories that are gaining popularity in celebrity circles tend to create a huge public buzz. Most notably- among these- are chains. Whether it’s a classic rope chain that pays homage to the ’80’s rap era, a simple Cuban link chain, a Franco link chain or a custom-made piece that incorporates additional elements; showbiz personalities have been spotted in all types of chains over the years. In the hip-hop world- particularly- large flashy chains bear a symbolic meaning. Owning one of these neck pieces is a testament to a rapper’s hard-work and persistence; having overcome the challenges of their earlier lives to achieve their current statuses of wealth. In the list below, we take a look at some of the trending chains that are worn by well-known, current celebrities.

Pure Gold Cuban Link Chain- Jay- Z

Jay- Z, one of Hip hop’s most recognizable figures, loves him some bling. At an estimated cost of 200, 000 dollars, his solid gold chain may not bear the lowest price tag you’ll ever come across for a piece with a Cuban Link design. However, this accessory seems to be worth every penny, as – over the years- it seems to have drawn massive attention to its equally intriguing owner every time he’s worn it. Cuban link pieces are beloved for their ability to make a style statement without coming off as being overly flashy. As one of hip- hop’s most acclaimed star’s, Sean Carter’s eleven-pound piece is truly befitting of someone of his status.

OVO Owl Chain- Drake

Celebrity jeweler- Ben Baller- crafted this amazing 120,000-dollar piece for the popular Canadian rapper. Made out of 40 karats of gold and VVS diamonds, the standout chain features the rap star’s label logo- the OVO owl- as a charm.

Butterfly Chain- Kylie Jenner

Female celebrities- to- have not been left behind by the chain train; despite these neck accents being more popular with their male counterparts. Kylie Jenner, who’s one of the most stylish women in Hollywood, actually owns a 60,000-dollar chain that features a butterfly charm. Made by renowned jeweler- Elliot Avianne- the 28-karat piece features lots of diamond embellishments.

MC Chain- Mariah Carey

Who said platinum-selling pop-stars can’t wear flashy, diamond-encrusted chains like their Hip hop counterparts? Pop songstress, Mariah Carey, owns an 18-karat Franco link piece that has grabbed the fashion world’s attention the few times she’s worn it in public. Made by IF & Co., this heavy chain features a charm that spells out the star’s initials- ‘MC’- and features all VVS1 diamonds.

8 Other Reasons Chain- Bella Hadid

Another woman in Hollywood that has been making a fashion statement by wearing chains is Bella Hadid. The 17-dollar gold chain that she’s been spotted rocking on multiple occasions is proof to the fact that a chain doesn’t have to be expensive for it to come off as trendy. The unique thing about this chain is that it is not custom-made, yet still bears a stylish feel to it.

Barbie Chain- Nicki Minaj

Closing out the list of female representatives on this list is the self-proclaimed ‘Queen of rap’- Nicki Minaj. She has been spotted wearing a diamond- embellished chain with a not-so-subtle ‘Barbie’ pendant. This vivid accent piece is certainly befitting for someone like Nicki, who likes to express her lively personality through her fashion

Ratatouille Chain- Quavo

Quavo, who is part of the successful rap trio- Migos- is said to have parted ways with about 250,000 dollars for this chain. His decision to wear it to the 2017 Met Gala awards made him one of the most instantly recognizable superstar attractions on the night; even overshadowing some of the seasoned Hollywood celebrities, who already had an acclaimed sense of style. The white gold pendant is inspired by Disney’s cartoon character- ‘Ratatouille’- and is VVS diamond-en-christened.

Harlem World Chain- Cam’ron

As one third of the popular New York rap group, The Diplomats, Cam’ron are definitely not one to compromise on his jewelry. The 100- carat diamond-encrusted piece that he owns features a battery-powered rotating globe. In an interview with Complex magazine, one of Elliot Avianne and Co.’s jeweler’s even admitted to it being the most challenging pieces they’d ever crafted. The 150,000-dollar chain boasts a staggering 300 grams of gold.

Many other celebrities have also been photographed wearing stylish chains as accent pieces, regardless of whether they’re expensive or not. Nevertheless, the pieces detailed in this article are arguably some of the most trendy currently worn by well-known celebrities.




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