Can You Believe?! Jonathan Van Ness’ Fashion In 12 Pictures

The Queer Eye star has finally received the praise we all know it deserves. Jonathan Van Ness’s fashion has broken a new ground. The grooming guru posed for Cosmopolitan UK, marking the first solo non-female cover for the magazine in over 30 years.

True to his extravagant style, Jonathan wore an orange and pink tulle off-the-shoulder Christina Siriano gown along with striped socks and sneakers. But his fierce fashion choices are not exclusive to photoshoots.

Whether he’s walking the red carpet, en route to a nighttime talk show, or fighting for the rights of his LGBTQ community, Jonathan Van Ness fashion is always emanating a confidence that’s practically contagious—even when he’s borderline overkill.

Celebrating his historic Cosmopolitan UK cover, here’s a look back at Jonathan Van Ness’ fashion in 12 bold, unapologetic, shamazing pictures.


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