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An environment totally dedicated to the listing of the most relevant sites and blogs of varied subjects, where the user who likes to follow the news of the moment can do in one place.

In JETSS – SITES & BLOGS platform, you can check the latest articles from the Homepage and read the most widely viewed content from the blogosphere, identifying all categories of registered sites and blogs, your listings and add your favorite websites or blogs in your Feed Player profile

JETSS – SITES & BLOGS is an open service, available to any interested user, registered or not. The platform can integrate users to consume news, see new sites and / or blogs and / or publish your own website or blog, thus fueling the JETSS – SITES & BLOGS with more content.

2. Where can I apply for my JETSS – SITES & BLOGS profile?

There is a page for you to send a suggestion for your blog or site to JETSS – SITES & BLOGS platform. There you can fill in all the necessary information to submit your blog or website to the team that will assess the suitability and relevance of content requested by JETSS – SITES & BLOGS platform. To start visit the link – hhttps://www.jetss.com/register-blog-site/

Always respecting the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.



3. Where can I register my website or blog?

You can register your website or blog at any time by clicking on the main menu of the home button or the button inside JETSS bar located inside any of our partners. First you must register a blog or website for content evaluation by clicking here:  https://www.jetss.com/register-blog-site/




4. How disclosure of the content of my site or blog within the JETSS – SITES & BLOGS?

After the registration of your site or blog and validation with the insertion of JETSS Bar – SITES & BLOGS, your website or blog will automatically be participating in the JETSS – SITES & BLOGS platform.

Your blog or site will have a URL within JETSS – SITES & BLOGS platform with the added information that will be registered to affiliate into the clicked and viewed articles from JETSS – SITES & BLOGS platform and a list of your recently published articles.

JETSS – SITES & BLOGS platform will give users a link that will take them directly to the URL of your blog or website to start reading your content. In that sense, you will enhance an increase in its current audience with new users daily.

5. What are the advantages of registration of my site or blog in JETSS – SITES & BLOGS?

The broadcast of your site or blog in another environment will consequently increase of the current audience of your website or blog with new users accessing and knowing its contents.

JETSS – SITES & BLOGS promote a weekly ranking of the best sites and blogs within each category and your most popular articles. Just you, blogger or editor, knows how to use and amplify efficiently this available tool.

6. How to insert JETSS validation bar on my website or blog?

We provide one of our developers to implement JETSS Bar to your website or blog. Contact here - https://www.jetss.com/contact-us/

7. Where do I find my JETSS Bar validation?

The format validation Bar, will be sent directly via email by the JETSS team once your Website or Blog has met the criteria of content, relevance and security requested by JETSS portal. If you have any questions about the progress of your submission process, please forward us feedback here - https://www.jetss.com/contact-us/

8. How long should I stay with JETSS bar on my blog site?

JETSS validation bar should stay implemented to your blog or website for the entire time you are willing to be part of JETSS – SITES & BLOGS platform.

Through JETSS bar the blogosphere system is able to identify your ranking within JETSS – SITES & BLOGS platform and allow users to add your blog in their RSS reader to receive updates of posts constantly.

9. My blog or site failed. Shall I try to register it again?

The system will identify if the URL of the registered blog or website has been validated sometime in the blogosphere. If the return is positive the blog cannot be registered again; if negative, the blog can be registered and go through the validation process.

10. How long do I have to implement JETSS validation bar on my blog or site after registered?

JETSS – SITES & BLOGS gives a period of 5 business days after the registration is approved so that the validation bar is placed in the source code or blog site and validated by our system.

If the system identifies that the validation process was not completed within its last 5 (five) days of the deadline, the registered website or blog will be automatically disqualified and responsible for the blog or site failure to participate where the blog or site owner will be notified via a provided e-mail address registered in your JETSS – SITES & BLOGS profile about the status of your blog or site.

The blog status information can also be requested by contacting JETSS – SITES & BLOGS - https://www.jetss.com/contact-us/

11. What is RSS and / or Atom?

It is a standard developed in XML that allows you to turn that bloggers and owners of news sites, share their news content. For this sharing happens, a storage environment is generated so that readers can identify updates from your Feed.

His universal symbol is:

What is RSS and / or Atom?


A. Search the layout of your blog or site RSS button / Feed:

What is RSS and / or Atom?

By clicking the button, a page will open and may have the appearance of Figure 1 or from figure 2:


What is RSS and / or Atom?

What matters in these two screens are their URLs, because this is the address of RSS / Atom your blog or site and why you should let us know in your registration.

B. You can also try to include the end of the URL of your blog or site the word “feed”. Ex: www.nameofblog.com/feed

If the return is as in the example of figure 2 We found the address of RSS / Atom from your blog or site and you can complete the registration of your blog within JETSS – SITES & BLOGS.


So let’s add this feed storage functionality into your blog. For this, we recommend the site www.feedburner.com since it provides a super easy flow. Follow step by step and, when you have your address RSS / Atom, complete the registration process of your blog or site in JETSS – SITES & BLOGS.

C.  In case of doubt, please contact JETSS  and one of our developers will help you with the process of getting the RSS URL / Atom from your blog or website – https://www.jetss.com/contact-us/ 

12. Can I register as many sites and / or blogs?

You can register all blogs or sites that you have independent counsel quantity. All will go through the validation process of JETSS team, and if approved, will get receive JETSS – SITES & BLOGS validation bar.  The registration can be done to as many blogs or sites you want, however, the conclusion of this process will be reviewed and validated by the system according to our Terms of use and Privacy policy.

13. Can I change my personal data?

Your profile within the JETSS – SITES & BLOGS will be done through the data requested on the page – https://www.jetss.com/register-blog-site/ - therefore, personal information will be “received” this Feedback sent by you and will not change unless you request in the link – https://www.jetss.com/contact-us/ - to be updated.