Bieber is ‘hilarious’ in Ellen Degeneres’ new show (see video)

Justin Bieber on 'Repeat After Me' (Photo: ABC)
Justin Bieber on ‘Repeat After Me’ (Photo: ABC)

For three straight weeks Justin Bieber visited the Ellen DeGeneres Show on ABC and tonight he will star in her new hilarious show ‘Repeat After Me.’

In a new teaser for tonight’s episode (video below) the 20-year-old singer showed off his comedic acting skills when he was given instructions to make his bowling instructor feel very uncomfortable during a private lesson. Unbeknownst to his older teacher, Bieber was wearing an earpiece and had to repeat every word commanded to him by host Wendi McLendon-Covey.

Bieber did his best to not to laugh as he participated in the funny antics including twerking.

Repeat After Me, airs Tuesday nights on ABC!


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