23 Parents Tweet Why Halloween Can Be The Best And Worst Day Of The Year

The countdown begins! Halloween is just around the corner.

We are a week away from the spookiest, yet funniest, night of the year!

But while some of us are having a blast trying to decide what costume to wear, what scary movie to watch, or where we’re going partying on that night, you know who is absolutely not looking forward to this day?

That’s right—parents!

By this time of the month, kids have changed their costume ideas five times and counting, they’ve already eaten all the sweet you bought, and they’re fighting over candy they don’t even have yet!

Oh, those little bundles of joy!

If that worried parent happens to be you, fear not! Parents from all around the world are just as terrified for Halloween, and it has nothing to do with ghosts or creepy clowns.

Here are 23 tweets from parents that prove why Halloween can be the best and worst day of the year!


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