It’s Friday the 13th And People Are Freaking Out

It’s been 11 years since a day like this. But there’s no way around it. It’s happening. It’s October, it’s Friday, and it’s the 13th. Time to avoid ladders, cracks in the sidewalk, and broken mirrors! Do not taste fate on the unluckiest day of the decade.

Bad luck, poor choices, and general doom and gloom are currently dominating social media! But rather than being afraid and hidden in a closet, better laugh in the face of danger (from the safety of your room).

That’s why we’ve put together 13—pun intended— of the best reactions to this spooky date so you can take your mind off of Jason’s imminent threat. Live through this day and you won’t have to worry about another Friday the 13th (in October) until 2023.

P.S. Just in case… watch out!


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