Get Rid Of Your Bad Luck! 15 Weird Celebrity Superstitions

Congratulations! You made it! You outlived the unluckiest day of the year! Yesterday was Friday the 13th—in October—but fortunately, here you are, safe and sound, ready to get over this trauma and move on with your life!

You probably got a weight off of your shoulders as soon as the clock struck 00:00 hours today. But there are other people for whom luck is not just a one-day thing. Some of your favorite celebrities have to live their lives knowing that the bad luck, poor choices, and fate can play hard on them. That’s why they had taken their precautions!

If you, like them, want to get rid of the negative energies and have some extra good luck on your side, check out photo gallery above to learn the weirdest superstitions of these 15 celebs.


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