The Internet Can’t Figure Out The True Shade Of This Shoe… And We’re Freaking Out!

Move over Kim Kardashian! This Vans Old Skool sneaker is breaking the internet!

In 2015 a simple dress had millions of people from all around the world fighting online and questioning—literally—it’s true colors.

It’s been two years since that nonsense debate, and it seems that even after devastating hurricanes, deadly earthquakes, and the beginning of the Trump era, we still don’t have anything more important—or at least better, for that matter— to argue about.

The “what color is this?” question has araisen once again from the depths of the internet; this time in the form of a shoe. Yes. A shoe. A Van Old Skool sneaker.

Twitter can’t figure out the true shade of this shoe. Is it pink and white or green and gray? Click through our photo gallery above to see what the internet is saying about this dang sneaker.

Are you #TeamPinkAndWhite or #TeamGreenAndGrey?


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