Stranger Things Is Here And The Internet’s Mind Is Upside Down!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a drill! Stranger Things 2 is here!

It’s been a year since we saw Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will and Eleven scape from the Upside Down, and we are ready to go back!

Just hours after the highly anticipated premiere of Stranger Things 2, the internet is already going crazy. The second part of the Netflix sci-fi mystery cult hit series launched on midnight Friday, and super fans from all over the world decided to stay up late and binge the whole thing!

People could barely handle the impact. Luckily, we have Twitter, where fans poured out their feelings in a healthy, meme-ish way—from excitement, to surprise, to frustration, to hatred for spoilers.

These are some of the best early reactions to Stranger Things season 2.


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