Chrissy Teigen Asked To Be Photoshopped Into A Victoria’s Secret Pic And The Results Are Hilarious

When your name is Chrissy Teigen, there’s no need to have big computer skills or to be a photoshop master. All you have to do is ask.

And that’s precisely what this avid Twitter user did when she saw a photo of the Victoria’s Secret models ready for the Shanghai 2017 catwalk and wanted to create her own fake memory.

“Can someone photoshop me into this?” Chrissy asked on Twitter, and her followers quickly answered to the call.

Some showed off their skills with images that, out of context, could fool anyone into thinking that Chrissy Teigen truly is one of the beautiful Victoria’s Secret angels. Others—well, let’s say other made a good mediocre lousy attempt to photoshop Chrissy into the picture!

Either way, the results are hilarious! Find some of our favorite in our photo gallery above.


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