Melania Trump’s Holiday Decorations Turned Into A Meme Goldmine For Twitter

Melania, Trump, and Barron are going to have a VERY white Christmas—quite literally.

This year is Melania Trump’s turn to decorate the White House for the upcoming holiday season. So move over, Michele Obama and your sweet, adorable, and appropriate Christmas decorations!

With bone-like branches and creepy lighting, FLOTUS turned the East Wing corridor into the set of a horror movie. And the internet is loving it! But not for the right reasons…

Twitter quickly turned the snapshot from the reveal into memes that were sprinkled with the Babadook, Jack Skellington, some dementors from Harry Potter, Pennywise the clown and many other terrifying creatures that oddly enough seem to match perfectly with Melania’s décor.

The scary set-up didn’t bring to mind thoughts of holiday cheer, but it sure is giving us some good laughs (and the creeps, too). Keep scrolling for the haunting pics and the hilarious reactions on Twitter.


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