22 Reasons Why We Absolutely Love Tyra Banks!

For the las 4 decades, we’ve seen Tyra Banks star in films, become a life-size Barbie, pose for the cover of the most popular magazines, and, of course, rock the catwalks from all around the world. As the fashionable woman we all know she is, Tyra Banks sure wears many hats!

But our favorite one, without a doubt, is her role as mentor to the girls who are still in the run to become America’s Next Top Model!

Since 2003, Ty has passed on her model wisdom to younger girls who want to fill in her high-heels (although, let’s be honest, that’s probably never going to happen). Twenty-three cycles later, America’s Next Top Model continues to be one of our favorite reality shows, and that’s largely due to Tyra’s exceptional humor and fieriness.

In honor of her 43th birthday, we present to you 22 reasons why we all love Tyra Banks!


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