Happy Birthday Ed Helms! 18 Reasons We Love Andy Bernard

We love you, Nard Dog.

If you’re one of those who enjoys having a good laugh, you probably love Ed Helms. The comedian rose to A-list status and left his mark in the world of entertainment with roles such as the hilarious Stu in The Hangover franchise, and in other funny movies like Father Figures and Vacations.

And while his performances in the big screen have certainly consolidated him as a comedy master, none of them compares to the impeccable work of Ed Helms as Andy “The Nard Dog” Bernad in The Office.

From being introduced as a jerky frat boy who Jim was scared of, to becoming a dorky, friendly, good-hearted but still lacking in common sense boss, Andy Bernard was quite possibly one of the best things about The Office.

Today, comedy/banjo/Cornell King Ed Helms is turning 44 years old. Here’s to another year of the Nard Dog! There are some of the reasons why we absolutely Love Andy Bernard in The Office.


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