HBO Has Officially Confirmed Game Of Thrones Is Not Coming Back Until 2019 And Twitter Is Not One Bit Happy About It

Mother of dragons! There won’t be Game Of Thrones in 2018 🙁

Yes, we kind of sort of already knew this. Sophie Turner did spill the beans  on the over-a-year-long waiting period in an interview with Variety last month. But now the news that Game of Thrones isn’t returning in 2018 is official—and so is our grieving.

GoT fans had a pretty predictable reaction after HBO announced that its hit series’ final season won’t be released until 2019. People took to Twitter to pour out a mixture of shock, confusion, offense, discontent, and over all utter anger, that pretty much sum up all of our feelings.

So, while we wait for the delayed return to Westeros, check out our photo gallery above with some of the best punchlines, memes and fitting GoT GIFs about its 2019 comeback.

P.S. How dare you, HBO!


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