Oprah And Reese Witherspoon Get Extra Limbs In Vanity Fair’s New Issue And Twitter Has Some Thoughts

YOU get an extra limb, and YOU get an extra limb, and YOU get an extra limb!

Look—despite the fact that celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o, Kate Winslet and Lorde have called out magazines for over retouching their pictures, we know that in this digital age, photoshop is pretty much an industry standard, and that most celebrity photos we see are a contrived idealized image that aren’t really a reflection of reality.

But it is one thing to blur wrinkles away and shrink the curves, and another very different is to throw in a couple of extra arms and legs—just like Vanity Fair has done in their recently released annual Hollywood issue.

The cover features superstars glamorously draped over each other. Everyone looks great, as you could expect, except there are a couple (more like triple) irregularities both in the official cover and a behind-the-scenes photo.

Eagle-eyed star-watchers notice that Oprah Winfrey has three hands, Reese Witherspoon has three legs, and Vanity Fair has way too much Photoshop.

While people on Twitter have been surprisingly accepting of Oprah and Reese’s extra limbs—because, you know, 2018 is all about loving your body!— the obviously over retouched pictures have, of course, sparked reactions on social media.

And, as usual, internet users have failed to disappoint with their responses. Check some of the best—including Oprah and Reese’s own reactions—in the photo gallery above.


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