15 Tweets To Celebrate That Thank God It’s Friday!

The day when things end, and things start. The anticipation of something good. When nothing bad happens. Yes, people, this is not a drill. It’s here—today it is Friday.

We’re all madly in love with Fridays, the common reason being it’s the prelude to Saturday, the beginning of the weekend, the day before something great. We long for Fridays since Sunday night, and when it finally comes, boy, oh, boy it is everything we dreamed of!

Even though you still technically have to go to the office—unless you’re Hal from “Malcolm in the Middle”— most of us are already unwinding from  the stress of a hard work week, whether it is with something as simple as dressing casual or already planning ahead for our big Friyay night.

In honor of the absolute best day of the week, here are 15 tweets celebrating that thank God it is Friday!


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