25 Tweets That Proof Celebrities Are Just Like Us!

They’re rich, beautiful and famous. But underneath their apparently perfect lives, celebrities are just as messed up as we all are. Okay. Maybe not EXACTLY like us. They don’t have to worry about credit card debts and student loans. But when you’ve got to take a dump, nature doesn’t care about your status—right Lil Jon?

While there are some stars living absolutely enviable yet unrelatable lavish lives (and, in the process, flaunting their wealth in our faces), there are others that prove A-listers are actually just normal people. Whether they’re dealing with existential crisis, hating on obnoxious people, or wondering about the unresolved mysteries of the universe, celebrities are simply like us, with the only difference that when they tweet about it, they get thousands of likes!

Click through our photo gallery above to see 25 times celebs were extremely relatable on Twitter!


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