Fergie Sang The National Anthem At NBA All-Star Game And It Was Disastrous


Two weeks ago, Pink managed to slay at the Super Bowl 2018 while she was fighting off the flu. And then came a perfectly healthy Fergie proving that being sick isn’t the only reason a singer can give a poor performance…

Over the weekend, at the NBA All-Star Game, Fergie baffled viewers with her own notable spin on America’s beloved Star-Spangled Banner. And well, it was, uh… unique.

Not, she wasn’t off key. Her voice didn’t crack or she forgot the words. She just managed to give the most awkward, cringe worthy, phone-sex-operator-like redition of the US national anthem we’ve ever heard— or seen, for that matter!

Chance the Rapper, Jimmy Kimmel and most of the NBA players were unable to suppress their laughter during the performance—and so was the rest of the world, including people on the internet who didn’t hold back on Fergie’s anthem.

Check out some of the best reactions to Fergie’s sexed-up rendition of the US national anthem.


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