Happy Single Awareness Day! 20 Tweets That Prove Being Alone Isn’t All That Bad

Society will tell you that single equals bad, that if you’re not cozying up with someone every night, there must be something wrong with you, that you’re unlovable, unstable, or just plain weird. Oh, how it stinks being a loner!

But… does it really?

While you may reluctantly wear your single status today, all of these assumptions are absolutely wrong. In fact, being single can be the most productive, liberating, magical time of your life! Is your chance to be your own person, do whatever you want whenever you want, and learn to love yourself and your independence—not to mention the Single Ladies anthem becomes way more meaningful.

Sure, sometimes you’ll miss being in a relationship. But there are far worse things than being alone—and way too many perks to being a single pringle!

Whether you’re new to the single club or a veteran member, one thing is certain: being single is absolutely freaking amazing. In honor of S.A.D (Single Awareness Day, and it ain’t nothing sad about it!) here’s what being single is really about!


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