Happy Tooth Fairy Day! 20 Relatable Tweets About The Struggles Of Burgling Your Children’s Teeth

Ah, the joys of having a child! Holding your little bundle of joy in your arms and raising them to be strong and happy. The unexplainable happiness of becoming a parent can never be equaled by anything in the world.

But then, five years later, one day you realize you’re grabbing your clean underwear out of a drawer full with little human teeth. What did you get yourself into?!

Nobody tells you that a big part of parenting is burgling body parts from your sleeping children! It may sound silly—but it’ll be the hardest job you’ll ever have! Sometimes the tooth fairy forgets to stop by, can’t make ends meet (god, how many teeth does human have?!), and it often struggles getting in and out without being caught.

Celebrating National Tooth Fairy Day, here are 20 surprisingly relatable tweets about the struggles of being on Tooth Fairy duty!


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