Happy World Nutella Day! 25 Extremely Relatable Tweets About Your Love For The Hazelnutty Goodness

Peanut butter? It’s great! Strawberry jam? Super yummy! Chocolate? A classic. But nothing—absolutely nothing compares to our love for the hazelnutty goodness, gift from the merciful gods known by mortals as the magnificent Nutella.

It’s not an overstatement to say Nutella is way better than a girlfriend/boyfriend. It’s right there in the pantry when you need it most, it’s super low-maintenance (you just have to keep it at room temperature), and it feeds your wildest fantasies—if you catch our drill.

Just as there’s no masking its glorious flavor, there simply is no masking our love for Nutella. But we know we’re not alone! Celebrating World Nutella Day, the most delicious day of the year, here are 25 extremely relatable tweets about our Nutelladdiction.


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