The Walking Dead’s Latest Episode Is A Tragedy Fans Won’t Recover From

SPOILER ALERT—but not really, though. We all knew this was coming.

Two months ago, at the end of the midseason finale, Carl Grimes revealed a walker had bite him on the stomach. Understandably, fans of NBC’s hit series—or the ambling shadow of itself that it now is—were left shocked by the show’s latest twist, but were still hopeful there was some miraculous way to save Rick’s brave (and a lot of times annoying) son.

Oh, but there wasn’t.

Yesterday’s premiere of the second half of TWD’s eight season was an episode all about how Carl—a.k.a. Chandler Riggs—gradually met his inevitable dreadful end. Carl’s slow-motion passing contained a sense of warmth, sentimentality and loss that has sometimes gone missing from the show. But that doesn’t mean fans were happy about it.

We don’t care if this vile goodbye is a sign of hope. It doesn’t matter if Carl’s demise is a wake-up call for Rick. We don’t give a tinker’s dang if there’s vengeance. There was no need to kill Carl, and his death is a tragedy fans won’t recover from.

Check some of Twitter’s reactions to Carl Grime’s unnecessary, unforgiveable, inexcusable death in our photo gallery above.


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