Happy Birthday Bryan Cranston! 15 Times Hal Was The Absolute Best Character From “Malcolm In The Middle”

The talented Bryan Cranston was hailed the unofficial king of television after playing Walter White in the epic series Breaking Bad. But anyone who had a TV during the 2000’s knows that we loved Bryan Cranston long before that.

Almost a decade before portraying Heisenberg, Cranston was a mediocre yet lovable dad living in the suburbs with his five hooligan children and a hysterical wife with who he was very much in love. Yes—we’re talking about Hal Wilkerson from Malcolm in the Middle!

Pleasant and well-meaning, though inept and ineffectual, Hal always tried to be a good father and husband but often didn’t succeed. Fortunately, he developed an effective coping mechanism. As he told his boys, “The only way I’ve managed to get through my crappy life with any shred of self-worth is by living in denial!”

Celebrating Bryan Cranston’s 62nd birthday, here are 15 times Hal Wilkerson was the absolute best character from Malcolm in the Middle.


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