Happy Single Parents Day! 17 Tweets That Perfectly Capture What’s Like To Be Mom And Dad At The Same Time

You feed them, take care of them when they’re sick, give them everything you can. But no matter how much you love your kids, being a single parent—whether it is by choice or by chance—is no picnic.

Once you’ve crossed over to single parent status, life will never be the same. You’ll work your butt off trying to be mom and dad at the same time, social life becomes a juggling act (thanks for nothing, unreliable baby sitters!), not to mention dates are practically inexistent.

But as hard as it is sometimes, the more you accept your reality as a single parent, the happier, more content, and more present you’ll be with your life—which, in its own unique way, is freaking awesome! And what better way to do that than joking about the hazards of raising your child alone.

Celebrating National Single Parent day, a day to honor and recognize the hard work, devotion, and sacrifices of single parenting, here are 17 tweets that perfectly capture what’s like to be mom and dad at the same time.


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