The Internet Simply Can’t Live In A World Where Jenna Fischer Has A New Jim!

There are some couples that we just cannot get over. And Jim and Pam would be one of those couples. Oh, the classic love story of the paper salesman and the receptionist at Dunder Mifflin! Their story is one of the best romances on TV history simply because they’re real. They’re everyday people like you and me. That’s why Jam is, and always will be, relationship goals.

So why in the heck would Oliver Hudson had the nerve to call himself #TheNewJim?!

Jenna Fischer stars alongside Oliver Hudson on ABC’S new sitcom Splitting Up Together, which follows characters Lena and Martin as they navigate their new life as a separate couple trying to live together for the sake of their three children.

And in an attempt to take over from John Krasinski as Jenna’s TV spouse and proving that he isn’t backing down from the challenge, Oliver Hudson had the audacity to offered up the hashtag #TheNewJim.

Listen—it’s nice to see Jenna Fischer back on TV. But in the words of the actress herself, we will never, ever accept her without John Krasinksi. Pam and Jim’s shippers are not ready to see Jenna with another man.

See what Office fans are saying about Splitting Up Together and #TheNewJim situation in our photo gallery above.


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