Ivanka Trump Cosplaying As A Scientist And Instantly Became Twitter’s New Favorite Meme

Rich Manhattan girl-turned businesswoman-turned scientist. Ivanka Trump truly is a woman of many hats—and we’re not talking about her fashion!

In an unexpected turn of events, Donald Trump’s favorite daughter is now a lab scientist. Ok—not really, but a picture of Ivanka donning a lab coat and safety googles, measuring the nicotine levels in vape juice has been enough to turn her into Twitter’s new favorite meme.

The photo-op, taken while she was touring a local education program, is hilarious (or dumb, whatever you prefer) not only because Ivanka has no experience or expertise in infrastructure, science or education, but specially because her daddy’s administration is pretty much against all those things.

See what people on Twitter are saying about Ivanka Trump’s scientist cosplay in our photo gallery above.


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