Jennifer Garner At The 2018 Oscars Has Become The Existential Crisis Meme You Didn’t Know You Needed

Forget about Nicole Kidman’s awkward clapping! Jennifer Garner has officially become the new Oscar meme.

Last night, the 45-year-old actress became a trending topic on social media not because of her astonishing good looks (divorce is suiting you well, Jenny!) but because she left viewers scratching their heads when she was spotted clapping during the ceremony  just before suddenly revealing a horrified look.

“What realization did Jennifer Garner just come to?” questioned Jezebel writer Bobby Finger on Twitter. Users were quick to share their theories on what could have possible surprised the star during the show.

From the Ben Affleck crisis to Frances McDormand’s speech to leaving the stove on, these are some of Twitter’s best guesses on what was on Jennifer Garner’s mind! We probably will never know exactly what she was thinking in that moment—but it is always fun to speculate!


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