National Dentist Day: 23 Relatable Tweets About Your Love-Hate Relationship With Your Dental Professional!

When it comes to the things that you love, your dentist isn’t one of the first things you typically think of. In fact, for most of us, they probably are at the bottom of the list.

Whether it is the trouble of making an appointment, their urge to chat while your mouth is wide open and with their hand inside of you, the inevitable pain that comes with every visit, or the simple fact that it is so freaking expensive, nobody like dentists. In fact, most of us would rather live with a tooth pain than facing our fear/hatred of dentists.

However, it is thanks to these masters of pain (or robbers in scrubs, whatever you want to call them) that you can mile with confidence knowing that you look great and that your oral health is on point. So maybe you should re-evaluate your thoughts about your dentist.

Celebrating National Dentist Day, here are 23 relatable tweets about your love-hate relationship with your dental professional! (Photo: Release)


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