18 Tweets About How Obnoxious Coachella Really Is

Brace yourselves. The most obnoxious time of the year is here. Coachella has officially begun.

Get ready to have your Instagram feed flooded with hundreds of generic posts of white girls staring at the floor, trying to look introspective, wearing their festival outfits (a fusion between pseudo Native American and hippie fashion)—oh, and maybe one or two posts about the actual music.

Because, let’s be honest, beside the Instagram worthy pictures, we can’t think of any other reason why a human being in their five senses would willingly pay hundreds of dollars to have a four day long panic attack in the middle of a crowded desert without access to toilets. But then again, most people at Coachella are totally wasted, so at least that makes sense…

If you too can’t stand Coachella and all its paraphernalia, click through our photo gallery above to see 18 tweets about how annoying this “music festival” really is.

I mean, there’s still another weekend to go, so you might as well laugh at it!


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