Anthony Hopkins’ Strange Selfie Video Is More Horrifying Than Hannibal Lecter

Listen, we’re used to be terrified of Anthony Hopkins. Basically everything character he portraits onscreen is hunting nightmare material. But when he takes that creepiness offscreen and bring is to Twitter—well, that’s a whole different story.

The Oscar-winning actor posted a truly bizarre selfie video on Sunday that left many wondering what the hell is going on. “This is what happens when you’re all work and no play,” 80-year-old Hopkins captioned a short clip where he’s seen flailing around wildly and making a goofy creepy Hannibal-like grin directly into his phone’s camera while a frenetic song plays loudly in the background.

Some users on Twitter thought the erratic 32-second video was playful, others said it was hilarious, but we can all agree Anthony Hopkin’s wind off is 100% weird. I mean, no surprise! All those years of eating human body parts have obviously taken its toll.

Check out some of the best reactions to Anthony Hopkins apparent breakdown in our photo gallery above.


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