Happy National Scrabble Day! 15 Tweets About Possibly The Best Board Game That’s Ever Existed

I’m a lover of words. Always have, always will. That’s probably the reason why I got hooked on Scrabble since the very first time I played. It was love at first sight (or should I say word?), because everything about “him” fascinates me.

The combination of letters is always mysterious and surprising as life itself. Not only that, but you also learn as you have fun, it challenges your mind and it gets the creative juices flowing. Not to mention that there are little things that get my adrenaline going as much as a three letter combo giving me 60+ points. Scrabble makes me feel things that I never thought I could!

I know not everyone understands my love for Scrabble. To many it’s just a board game. But those who share my passion will probably find these 15 tweets above extremely relatable. Because to us, Scrabble lovers, it’s not just tiles carefully arrange on a board—it’s a life style!


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