Liam Payne Spilled The Tea On A Possible One Direction Reunion And Twitter Is Losing Its Collective Mind

Its been exactly 855 days since Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis decided to go on an indefinite hiatus to pursue solo careers, breaking millions of hearts as they did so.

But as their song goes, that was not the end.

Over the weekend and interview with Liam Payne went viral as he spilled the beans on the possibility of a long-awaited One Direction reunion. “I think it will happen at some point in the distant future,” Payne said. “We’ve spoken about it… and you know, the dream is for this most fantastic show that could be, it’s amazing!”

It goes without saying that this potential reunion doesn’t include all the original 5 (would you be a team player and join our party, Zayn?!), and it probably isn’t as close as we would want it to be. But good guy Liam has given us hope when nobody else would, and for that, we’re grateful.

So grateful that fans from around the world have managed to get the hashtag #OneDirectionReunion trending on Twitter. And boy—those tweets are as relatable as it gets! Here are 15 of the best reactions to Liam Payne’s interview to get you through this seemingly soon-to-be-over waiting period.

‘Cause whether it is a year from now, or ten years from now, we’ll be here waiting. That is the story of our life.


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