The Tweets About Donald Trump And Emmanuel Macron Planting A Tree Are Already Out Of Control

In an unexpected turn of events, President Donald Trump took part in a tree-planting ceremony outside the White House on Monday. That’s right folks—the Donald Trump actually planted a real tree.

The young European sessile oak—brought from Belleau Wood, a historic battlefield in Europe—was a gift from Emmanuel Macron during his visit to D.C. And while President Trump’s French counterpart claims that the tree is a symbol of the ties that bind the U.S. and France, people on Twitter think the poor plant is the epitome of sublime trolling.

Given that Trump has previously called climate change a Chinese hoax, and that he withdrew from the Paris climate accord back in June, we think it’s safe to say Twittersphere’s memes and jokes about the ceremony are not too out of place.

Here’s how people responded to Trump and Macron shoveling dirt and planting a tree (some will say they were burying a body—but that’s just speculation.)


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