15 Tweets Thar Prove Cinco de Mayo Is The Most American Holiday

It’s all about nacho and margaritas, but Cinco de Mayo is probably one of the most misunderstood Mexican holidays.

Hooray! Today is May fifth, which means Americans across the country will gather to celebrate the Mexico’s victory over France 155 years ago, changing not one damn bit the tide of war in Mexico’s favor.

Even though “El Dia de la Batalla de Puebla” is still celebrated regionally in Mexico, the local tributes pale next to the giant celebration in the United States. Sure, we import a lot of holidays here to the U.S., but why do we celebrate a holiday that most of Mexico ignores? The answer: because Americans celebrate anything we can eat and drink to.

Of course, given the current political context, is a big hypocritical—to put it shortly—that gringos are chanting “BUILD THAT WALL!” as they are donning sombreros, dancing to mariachi music, overeating Mexican food and enjoying a shot of tequila—or three. But then again, this day is full with irony!

Click through our photo gallery above to read 15 tweets that proof Cinco de Mayo is the most American holiday!


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